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Previous presentations and media appearances - 2005

Mellanie True Hills has presented at conferences and corporate events around the world.  See where she spoke in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.

In addition to presenting at numerous corporate and conference events, Mellanie has presented at the following events.

12/29/2005 7:05AM CST The Frank Truatt Show, WTBQ-AM, Florida, NY

12/26/2005 8:00 AM CST Good Day Alabama, Interview with Janice Rogers, WBRC-TV (FOX), Birmingham, AL

1/23/2005 WIAT-TV (CBS), Birmingham, AL

12/21/2005 10:05AM CST Suncoast Magazine, with Doug Miles, WIBQ, Sarasota (Tampa), FL

11/21/2005 Executive Women in Texas Government Annual Conference, Austin, TX 

Staying Productive in a "Doing More with Less" World

11/11/2005 American Business Women's Association (ABWA) National Conference, Gaylord Texan Resort, Grapevine, TX

Open Your Heart to You: A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life

Sponsored by State Farm

11/5/2005 Go Red/State of the Heart Symposium, Hillcrest Health System, Waco, TX

Opening Keynote: Dr. Kenneth Cooper, CEO, The Cooper Aerobics Center

Closing Keynote: Mellanie True Hills, Putting YOU First: A Guide to Saving Your Own Life

More info and photos

10/29/2005 American Cancer Society Women's Health Luncheon, Austin, TX

10/21/2005 Go Red for Women Luncheon, American Heart Association, Portland, OR

Lunch Keynote: Putting YOU First: Staying Healthy in a Speed-Obsessed, Productivity-Driven World

Breakout: Heart-Healthy Eating on the Run

10/20/2005 Texas Governor's Conference for Women 2005, Austin, TX

Moderator, Financial Freedom at Any Age, with distinguished panelists:

  • Glinda Bridgforth, Author, Girl, Get Your Money Straight and founder, Bridgforth Financial
  • Lynne Ford, Director of Sales & Distribution Strategy, Wachovia
  • Jeanne Sahadi, Senior Staff Writer, CNN/

Photos from the Texas Conference for Women 2005 - Mellanie with...

Lance's mom, Linda
Panelists: Glinda Bridgforth, Lynne Ford,
and Jeanne Sahadi

Photos from Texas Conference for Women 2006

8/16/2005 Austin Association of Insurance Professionals, chapter of the Federation of Insurance Women of Texas, Austin, TX 

7/28/2005 Texas Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, 61st Annual Conference, Salado, TX

7/22/2005 Humana, Inc., Customer Event, Austin, TX 

7/14/2005 Birmingham Payroll Association, chapter of the American Payroll Association

5/27/2005 Humana, Inc., Employee Event, Austin, TX

5/7/2005 American Heart Association Heart Ball, Dell Diamond, Round Rock, TX

Heart survivor story

5/6/2005 National Speakers Association Heart of Texas Showcase, Austin, TX

4/30/2005 2:00 PM CDT Texas Roundup Speech on behalf of the Governor's Commission for Women (pg. 28), State Capitol, Austin, TX - cancelled due to weather

Staying Healthy in a Speed-Obsessed World

4/16/2005 Noon CDT Aging Texas Well Radio Interview with Melanie Corley, KWRD, Dallas, TX

3/9/2005 State Farm, Dallas, TX

2/18/2005 At-Home Live! with Chuck & Jenni, FamilyNet TV

2/16/2005 Spring Creek Women's Initiative, Texas Instruments, Plano, TX

Take Control: Stay Healthy and Sane in Our Speed-Obsessed World

2/15/2005 South Campus Women's Initiative, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

Take Control: Stay Healthy and Sane in Our Speed-Obsessed World

2/10/2005 3:30–5:00 PM CST Georgetown Healthcare, Sun City, Georgetown, TX 

Women and Heart Disease

2/9/2005 Mission Moments, American Heart Association Williamson County Board Meeting, Georgetown, TX

2/6/04 12:00–1:00 PM CST Wide World of Health, with Cary Nosler, KSTE, Sacramento, CA

2/4/2004 State Farm, Austin, TX 

Staying Healthy and Sane in a Speed-Obsessed World

1/7/05 11:00–11:30PM CST The Jordan Rich Show, WBZ News Radio 1030, Boston, MA

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