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Healthy Living Newsletter - Volume 3, No. 4 Please include attribution and copyright and send me a copy. Thanks.

Issue Date: August 16, 2006
Publisher: Mellanie True Hills, The Health & Productivity Revitalizer

Coffee—Risk, or Not?

Should you drink coffee, or should you avoid it? With another new study out this week, I couldn't help weighing in on this subject.

The Harvard School of Public Health reported that for infrequent coffee drinkers who are also sedentary, drinking just one cup may cause a heart attack within an hour. It's attributed to a sudden surge in blood pressure. Infrequent is an important word here—if you don't normally drink coffee, but do occasionally imbibe, those new findings just may motivate you to get up and take more frequent brisk walks. 

However, many recent studies have found that overall the antioxidants in coffee decrease your risk of heart attacks, Type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. You get this benefit regardless of whether you drink regular or decaf. In my own case, I saw additional benefits as small quantities of coffee (mostly decaf) helped stabilize my heart rhythm following heart surgery.

This latest study was somewhat limited, and considering that most recent studies have found coffee to be beneficial, it's probably reasonable to let things settle out for a while. In the meantime, as long as your coffee intake is moderate and fairly consistent from day to day, you're probably OK. (If in doubt, ask your doctor.)

The NY Times did a good job of reviewing the recent studies on coffee and heart disease—check out the article (you may need to register).

Stressor of the Week

Did you get caught up in the stresses of air travel this past week as things got ratcheted up another notch? I was driving, not flying (any destination within a 5-6 hour drive is no longer worth flying to for me), so I wasn't impacted like so many of you were, but my thoughts were with you.

Safety obviously is paramount, but some of the responses seemed a bit extreme. I understand why they banned liquids and gels, but why solid lipsticks and makeup? As if travel isn't stressful enough, having to needlessly toss a purse full of (solid!) lipsticks and cosmetics—worth hundreds of dollars, or more—at airport security struck me as downright ridiculous and unnecessary.

I also felt for those of you needing contact lens solution, eye drops, etc., while traveling since nothing is more drying and irritating than aircraft cabin air. And for those traveling from the UK,  I understand why, as I know it's for safety, but still couldn't fathom banning purses, glasses cases, even books and newspapers, thus having to pack PCs, cell phones, business files, car and house keys, jewelry, and even medications in checked bags. What happens if those things don't make it? Talk about stress.

Yes, it's painful, but I guess it is better than the alternative. You can't put a price on safety and security.

Let's hope we don't ever get to the solution proposed by a local Austin newspaper columnist who suggested that to keep terrorists from blowing up planes, we'll just have to fly "nekkid". Now THAT's stress!  

I'm so excited to announce that A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life is now in its 2nd printing, and is in the major bookstores. If you don't see it in your local bookstore, please ask for it.

If you've already read A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life, please do me a favor and post your comments at Amazon or I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks so much.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend, and I'll be back soon with more information to optimize your life and health.


Mellanie True Hills
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