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Healthy Living Newsletter - Volume 2, No. 13

Issue Date: November 15, 2005
Publisher: Mellanie True Hills, The Health & Productivity Revitalizer

The Healthy Living News helps you take good care of yourself using the latest in health and medical research.

Welcome to all the new subscribers from ABWA National Women's Leadership Conference, Portland (Oregon) Go Red for Women Luncheon, and Hillcrest Health System (Waco) Heart Symposium

I'm just back from our place out in the country—no Internet out there—and there's important new information to catch you up on.

But first, every day is great, but birthdays are really special when you've had a close call with death. I'm celebrating because it's my birthday, but I'm giving you the gift by knocking $10 off of my book, and offering additional copies at half price, and I'll even throw in FREE US Shipping. Give yourself, and those you love, the gift of good health.

In this issue, we'll cover:

  1. Justice in the Workplace Can Protect Your Health
  2. Protecting Your Children
  3. Shortness of Breath and Leg Pain May Be As Significant As Chest Pain

1.  Justice in the Workplace Can Protect Your Health

Are you treated fairly at work? If so, you are at less risk of heart disease (and other diseases) than those who feel that they are treated unfairly, or not listened to. Unfair treatment leads to chronic stress, putting employees at increased risk for heart disease and other debilitating diseases.

As the holiday season approaches, have you thought about how you treat others in the workplace and in your life?

2.  Protecting Your Children

In several recent studies, small or low birth weight babies were found to be more at risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Two findings were noteworthy:

a. Slow growth in the womb, generally resulting from poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy, can lead to poor overall health and less disease resistance.

b. Small babies who had a pattern of gaining weight quickly between the ages of 2 and 11 had a high ratio of fat to muscle, leading to heart disease.

To avoid both, mothers are encouraged to eat a balanced diet before conception and during pregnancy, and to moderate their child's weight gain after the age of two.

3.  Shortness of Breath and Leg Pain May Be As Significant As Chest Pain

Shortness of breath should be considered as important a symptom of heart disease as chest pain is. In fact, researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center found that those with shortness of breath had twice the risk of dying as those with chest pain.

Poor circulation in the legs due to blockage—a condition known as Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)—often indicated by leg pain or cramps, cold feet, or sore calves, can also indicate an impending heart attack or stroke.

If you have severe or unusual shortness of breath or pain in the legs, please get it seen about right away.

The clever person solves a problem. The wise person avoids it.
—Albert Einstein

As you rush into the holiday season, would you like to…

    Eliminate stress?
    Lose excess weight?
    Get rest and relaxation?
    Eat healthfully on the run?
    Take good care of yourself?

You can, with the must have secrets in A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life (it's great for men, too!) Most importantly, you'll learn how to age gracefully so that you will live a long, healthy life.

Learn more, and take advantage of Mellanie's Birthday Special of $10 off, additional copies at half price, and FREE US Shipping. Do this quickly, before I come to my senses.

It's also available at Amazon, but not at this special price.

Please forward this to those who might be interested. Thanks.

Until next time, wishing you health, happiness, and longevity, and for those in the US, Happy Thanksgiving.


Mellanie True Hills
The Health & Productivity Revitalizer
®...improving lives & productivity
Speaker and Author of A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life
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