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What Attendees and Meeting Planners Have To Say
About Mellanie True Hills' Presentations

Mellanie's presentation sent conference attendees home with determination and courage to change their lifestyles. Her very personal story touched the audience as well as challenged them to reevaluate their schedules, habits, relationships, and health status and take control of their lives by managing their health. Aside from being a delightful speaker, her story is most compelling and her tireless work as an advocate for women and heart disease makes her a perfect fit for any community-focused cardiovascular education program.

Mary Jo Currey, Marketing Director, Hillcrest Health System

Mellanie True Hills gave an interesting, passionate, and educational presentation at our February 10th Go Red for Women Luncheon. We have heard many great responses from that day and it was a huge success partly because of Mellanie's great presentation. Her information was pertinent, timely and personal. It encouraged women to "love their heart" by getting check ups, eating right, and taking care of themselves.

This is a note from one of the attendees: "If it hadn't been for your book and your speech, I would have just ignored the signs and not gotten a check up. You are a blessing, and do make a difference."

We would recommend Mellanie for speaking at other AHA fund raisers.

Heidi Collins, Corporate Events Director, Go Red for Women Luncheon
American Heart Association, Springfield, IL

The members really enjoyed the presentation and I have the evaluations to prove it! We all left with valuable information.

Lesley Guthrie, Executive Director, State Agency Council,
Texas Governor's Commission for Women

Your story was incredibly powerful, and your information was life changing. You have motivated us to take action with our own lives. Attendees said it was very uplifting to hear your story, and that you were informative and thought-provoking. They have been inspired to start making changes in their own lives. Your program was, without a doubt, the best in our entire series.

Paula Wilson-Bradshaw, Meeting Organizer, Edward Jones 

Mellanie exemplifies a true Transformational Leader, offering her story as a springboard to alert and inform others. She provides compelling testimony for women to take charge and lead heart-healthy lives. Mellanie gets to the "heart of it".

Diane McIntyre, Executive Director, American Heart Association, Austin, Texas 

Thank you for bringing Heart Health to the top of our agenda. Your presentation was wonderful.

Elizabeth Ann Gates, Executive Director, Leadership Texas 

It has been an honor to work with Mellanie at JC Penney, as an independent, and at Cisco. Mellanie is accessible, funny, smart, and well-read. She is able to translate techno-speak into the business results language my attendees need to hear. Mellanie is a stand out speaker. She does the extra things that make my job easier. An extraordinary passion for delivering a high quality result is Mellanie's key differentiator.

Barbara Gavin, Manager of Conferences, DCI 

Mellanie communicates directly with the audience. She may talk about her own experience, but everybody can tell her presentations are about them. She's energizing.

Jim Sterne, Professional Speaker and Web Metrics Guru

I will schedule my physical tomorrow, and let you know if you saved my life.

Vicki Scott, Director, Software Test 

Extremely knowledgeable and current with statistics, medical terms and trends, and research. Your comments were inspiring and thought provoking. I can't wait to educate others.

Tami Taylor, Manufacturing Engineer 

I loved your presentation and learned a lot. I will incorporate what I learned into my existing plan. Thank you for the courage and compassion to offer your experience and information to assist others.

Your inviting and positive demeanor makes it easy to relate to you and your inspiring story.

I have had the pleasure of hearing you twice. I also saw you on TV recently. I have begun the small changes, but your presentation and handouts remind me that small steps don't work. I'm putting it all on paper. Thanks so much for sharing your message.

Your presentation helped me realize that I need to determine what is most important and use my skills to focus on that goal. I also now realize that stress can be a good thing, just as it can be a bad thing--it all depends on your attitude. Thanks.

I liked your enlightening nature about a very grave disease.

On behalf of the board of the Society of Technology Executives, I would like to thank you (Mellanie Hills) for speaking at our November 16 meeting. We had great comments from your presentation. Our members thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, which was rated a 4.8 across the board. You received a perfect 5 on your handouts and your presentation format. Thank you for your time and effort in personalizing your presentation to address our audience.

P J Hoke, Chairman, Society of Technology Executives  

On behalf of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, I am writing to thank you (Mellanie Hills) for your participation in our Project Management and Consulting Group Professional Development Day at the Leadership Centre in King City. Our people, without exception, felt that your ideas were thought-provoking and original.

Your keynote address helped to make our conference comprehensive as well as timely for our clients. We know how much work it takes to prepare for a presentation and want you to know that we appreciate your efforts of customizing your presentation. Again, many thanks for a great job.

Jaspreet Sohi, Events Coordinator, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce  

Mellanie Hills' presentation at the Forum quebecois de l'Internet in Montreal was a highlight for me not only because of her expertise on web strategies but also because of her genuine concern for organizational and human resources issues. Your presentation was the best of the whole Forum.

 Patrice Leroux, APR, Director of Public Relations Programme
FEP (Faculty of Continuing Education)
, Universite de Montreal

It was a great pleasure to attend your presentation (Quebec Internet Forum). You were able to assemble the intranet puzzle and clarify a lot of things that I live with my own customers.

Andre Gravel  

(Mellanie Hills') session (Quebec Internet Forum) was full of attractive information and references.

Alain Michard, Industial Technology Advisor  

Other Attendee Comments

One of the best sessions I’ve attended

Very interesting—many and various examples of commercial applications of intranets and extranets

Good material and reference information

Very good speaker; Very Solid; Well Done; Very good seminar

Very open in sharing her experiences and information

A lot of good information and references

I was really impressed by the instructor—she took the time to introduce herself to each participant individually before we began

Very helpful for comparison and validation, wide range overview for a total project perspective

Well prepared and very knowledgeable

Lots of information, great examples, issues with intranets highlighted effectively

Good high level discussion; Valuable information; Excellent use of examples

Very polished, good knowledge of information, interesting standards and vision

Excellent overview of intranets and current use in organizations

Good to know what is out there on the leading edge of technology

Relevant, interesting, current topic, good speaker

Very timely information and in tune with what we are trying to achieve

Very informative, most timely for myself and planned intranet project

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