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Healthy Living Newsletter - Volume 1, No. 17

Issue Date: November 8, 2004
Publisher: Mellanie True Hills, The Health & Productivity Revitalizer

The Healthy Living Newsletter brings you health updates and tips for optimizing your life, health, and work.

If you're new to the Healthy Living News, I'd like to welcome you.

Topics in this issue include:

  1. Cancer Treatment Puts You At Risk for Heart Disease
  2. Air Pollution May Cause Hardening of the Arteries
  3. A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life
  4. New Treatment for Uterine Fibroids
  5. Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease By Eating Foods Containing Alpha-Linolenic Acid
  6. Heart Disease: The Silent Killer

    1.       Cancer Treatment Puts You At Risk for Heart Disease

    Are you a cancer survivor? Did you know that having cancer may predispose you to heart disease, the number one killer? Talk about a one-two punch! Cancer survivors are more likely to face heart and other cardiovascular diseases because chemotherapy and radiotherapy tend to be toxic to the heart muscle and other organs. Women who have been treated for breast cancer may be at even higher risk because the treatment takes place so close to the heart. More

    The rest of the article appears at the Good Health for Life web site. This information could be very important for your health. Please pass this along to cancer survivors.

    2.       Air Pollution May Cause Hardening of the Arteries

    It was reported at the American Heart Association scientific sessions currently taking place in New Orleans that researchers have found a correlation between long-term exposure to air pollution and hardening of the arteries. People in areas that are more polluted tend to die earlier from cardiovascular disease as the tiny particles in air pollution get into the blood and brain and create an effect similar to smoking.

    The study used results from people living in Los Angeles and measured the impact of air pollution on the carotid arteries, the arteries that feed blood to the brain. The study found that the impact of air pollution was especially significant in older women.

    3.       A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life

    Two silent stalkers—heart disease and stroke—kill two of every five women, largely due to our speed-obsessed, stressed, unhealthy lifestyles. With the five easily-implemented steps of the HEART Program in "A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life", you can evade these silent killers.

    Don't take my word for it…here's what others are saying:

    Mellanie's story and the facts that she presents scared me into recognizing that today's bad habits can be tomorrow's life threatening health issues. Fortunately, she provides us with a robust but easily understood explanation of heart disease and its causes, as well as a logical plan for taking control of our heart health.

    Written in layperson's terms, the book provides more than just explanations--it provides a wealth of tools, such as a risk factors worksheet, goal setting tools, and detailed information on how to eat healthy without sacrificing taste.

    In short, A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life is a must read for any woman intent on avoiding the pitfalls of heart disease, or for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on their health.

                -- Karen Hiser ,

    Mellanie True Hills has written an engaging, compelling book that will save lives. Her story could be any woman’s story, so it is important that we all know what to do to protect ourselves. As a journalist, I read many health stories and hear many personal tales of survival, but none have been so helpful and “from the heart” as Mellanie’s.

    -- Lorri Allen , News Director, FamilyNet

    Please read the first two chapters online (click on the book cover). It takes only a few minutes and could make a huge difference to you.

    I feel so strongly that this information is important for you (both women and men need to know this), and for all the women in your life, that I'm offering a Holiday Special for a limited time only. Give yourself, and all the women on your gift list, the gift of good health and longevity for the holidays and beyond.

    4.       New Treatment for Uterine Fibroids

    If you have uterine fibroids (20%-40% of women over 35 do) and don't have plans to get pregnant, you can now have them removed non-invasively and skip the fibroid-removal surgery or hysterectomy. This is a big deal. The FDA has just approved the ExAblate system for removing uterine fibroids, and it's currently undergoing trials for removal of other tumors and cancers.

    ExAblate combines magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) to map and monitor the fibroids with an ultrasound beam to destroy them. The FDA sped up the review because of the advantages ExAblate offers over current uterine fibroid treatments (hormones, surgery, and hysterectomy). This system has already garnered multiple awards for innovation.

    In addition to being used to treat uterine fibroids, it's currently undergoing clinical trials for treating breast cancer as well as brain, bone, and liver tumors. It could potentially be used on other cancers and tumors as well as a range of other illnesses.

    I was alerted to this new procedure by a reader, Martha , whose husband is involved in the company that produces it.

     5.       Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease By Eating Foods Containing Alpha-Linolenic Acid

    Here's one more reason to eat those green veggies. An observation reported at the current American Heart Association scientific sessions suggested that women who consume alpha-linolenic acid ( ALA ), part of the Omega-3 family of fatty acids, have a lower risk of death from heart disease. It's believed that ALA prevents disturbances in the heart's rhythms. The highest amount of ALA is found in flaxseed, which long-time readers know that I'm a big fan of (see End Bad Hair Days). Other good sources include fatty fish, walnuts, and of course, green vegetables, such as broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts. Though the study focused on women, it's probably safe to project that this applies to men, too.

    6.       Heart Disease: The Silent Killer on PBS

    Earlier this year, Mellanie appeared on "Heart Disease: The Silent Killer" on PBS along with four cardiologists. It was an incredible show, and provided lots of information about what you need to know about heart disease. If you're in the Dallas Fort Worth area and didn't get to see it earlier, you have another chance on Sunday, November 21, at noon, on KERA , the PBS station.

    Also, if you're in Austin on November 22, Mellanie will be presenting "Creating Your Plan to Save Your Life" at the Executive Women in Texas Government Conference.

    That's it for this issue.

    Until next time, wishing you health and productivity,


    Mellanie True Hills
    The Health & Productivity Revitalizer
    Speaker, author, consultant, and coach revitalizing health and productivity
    Author of "A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life: The HEART Program for Health and Longevity" - read the first two chapters

    PS. If you would like to have Mellanie speak for your organization, or help revitalize your health or your company's productivity, just send me an e-mail. Please check out some of the organizations for whom Mellanie has spoken or with whom Mellanie has worked and read comments from attendees.

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