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Internet and e-Business Media Mentions and Articles

IT and Business: A Mega-Merger Ripe for Consultants, by Betty Cooke, Software Magazine, June/July, 2000.

Silicon Valley 2: Is Higher Technology's Future Heading South?, by Madanmohan Rao, The Internet Society OnTheInternet, November/December, 1998.

Two more nets get info to employees and clients, by Mellanie Hills, Washington Business Journal, November 9, 1998.

Get your strategy in place, now, by Neeraja Kumar, The Times of India, October 12, 1998.

Selling on the Web: Is it right for your business?, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, September 21, 1998.

Finance Tightens Belt, by Patricia Brown, InternetWeek, September 14, 1998.

Customers, competitors may not be who you think, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, September 7, 1998.

Internet experts deliver solid advice on e-commerce to India, by Madanmohan Rao, IndiaLine, September 2, 1998.

E-Commerce Grabs Spotlight at India Internet World, by Madanmohan Rao,, September 1, 1998.

Rediff on the Net - 'Most Popular Website of the Year', Rediff on the Net, August 30, 1998.

Intranet, extranet lend companies a competitive edge, by Neeraja Kumar, The Economic Times, August 29, 1998.

Experts dismiss hacking fears as `over-hyped', by Neeraja Kumar, The Economic Times, August 29, 1998.

A happening day at IIW, by Madhuri Velegar K and Priya Ganapati, India Internet World '98 Coverage by Rediff on the Net, August 27, 1998.

Intranet is a great equaliser: web strategist Hills, The Economic Times, August 26, 1998.

India Internet World Debuts, by Madanmohan Rao,, August 26, 1998.

Rediff India's Most Popular Website, Rediff on the Net.

Education will benefit the most, big shots agree, by Madhuri Velegar K, India Internet World '98 Coverage by Rediff on the Net, August 25, 1998.

Go ahead, take the e-mail pledge: `I will not spam', by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, August 24, 1998.

Who 'Owns' the Company Intranet?, DCI's eBusiness News, August 20, 1998.

Never be out of touch again -- unless you want to, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, August 3, 1998.

Marketing on the Internet: Kids get it ... do you?, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, July 20, 1998.

New centers make it easier to do business with the feds, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, July 6, 1998.

Tips for implementing your own business Web site, by Mellanie Hills, Wichita Business Journal, July 6, 1998.

New Tools for Knowledge Management, by Mellanie Hills, guest columnist in Creative Networks' Perspectives, July, 1998 (available to subscribers).

Building blocks for starting your own electronic business, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, June 15, 1998.

Tips for implementing your own business Web site, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, June 1, 1998.

Strategies for planning your company's Internet Web site, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, May 18, 1998.

Mellanie is a front row expert on The McCuistion Program on PBS. The segment entitled Virtual Universities: The Third Wave of Learning airs on PBS channels in Dallas-Fort Worth May 17 and nationally June 26.

Collaborative Success, by Richard Adhikari, Information Week, May 4, 1998.

Excuses, excuses: Can you afford not to have an intranet?, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, May 4, 1998.

Intranets, extranets can boost advantage, by Mellanie Hills, The Business Journal of Phoenix, April 27, 1998.

Intranets and extranets offer some competitive advantages, by Mellanie Hills, Dallas Business Journal, April 20, 1998.

High-Tech: VSP uses 'extranet' to its advantage, by Clint Swett, The Sacramento Bee, April 6, 1998.

Mellanie Hills on Today's Intranet Market, by Sue Mellen, DCI's eBusiness News, April 2, 1998.

Internet Business Architectures And Benefits: A Report from the DCI Internet Expo, by Madanmohan Rao, Planetasia, April, 1998.

Bandwaves of the future - Where are we with Net technology?, by Diane P. Licht, Employment Review, April, 1998.

Five keys to intranet success, Ragan's Intranet Report, April 1, 1998.

Making your intranet successful, Ragan's Intranet Report, March 1, 1998.

Le deuxième Forum Québécois de l'Internet, un succès retentissant (The second Québéc Internet Forum, a resounding success) (French only), February 27, 1998.

Mellanie Hills Encourages Intranet in Quebec Enterprises (Real Audio interview in English) and The First Oracle International Conference:  Successfully Integrating Intranet(French), Oracle Report from Quebec Internet Forum, February 27, 1998.

Internet Benefits for Business Processes, by Madanmohan Rao, IndiaLine, February 13, 1998.

Appearance on InternetWeek News Radio live from Internet Expo, February 11, 1998.

Intranets for Competitive Advantage: How Small and Medium-sized Businesses Compete Effectively Using Intranet Solutions from IntraNetics and Compaq, by Mellanie Hills, IntraNetics White Paper Series.

Groupware Put To Test, by Barb Cole-Gomolski, Computerworld, October 27, 1997.

Users Must Be Primed For Intranet Apps, by Jeffrey Schwartz, InternetWeek, September 1, 1997.

Internet World: Businesses expand intranet use, by Ed Golden, Computerworld, July 23, 1997.

Intranet Design Magazine Goes Beyond Design, Ragan's Intranet Report, June, 1997.

Interview on Mobile Computing in the Air (Flightalk Network) on American Airlines, June, 1997.

The Joys of Togetherness, by Heath Row, WebMaster, June, 1997.

Extranets, by Laura Klancer, Working Woman, June, 1997.

Old-Fashioned Chat with an "Intranet" Guru: Talking with Knowledgies president Mellanie Hills, by K.K.Campbell, reprint of his Toronto Star Internet column, May 8, 1997.

Intranet Casts Its Web Over Commerce -- Once the darling of human resources, the intranet is now the purveyor of mission-critical applications and electronic commerce, by Lee Sustar, CommunicationsWeek, May 5, 1997.

Where do you want your E-mail to go today, by Mark Gibbs, Network World, April 28, 1997.

Firm Tests Its 401(k) Plan Online, by Justin Hibbard, Computerworld, March 19, 1997.

Convincing Staff To Be Users, by David Carr and Kathleen Murphy, Web Week, March 17, 1997.

Just building an intranet isn't enough to lure users, by Justin Hibbard, Computerworld, February 24, 1997.

Meeting the big challenge: Selling an intranet to users, by Eamonn Sullivan, PCWeek, February 10, 1997.

A Web fair to remember: J.C. Penney plays up corporate intranet with daylong event aimed at informing staffers about jWeb and how to use it as business tool, by Erin Callaway, PCWeek, February 10, 1997.

Groupware upstarts staking their future on 'Net technologies, by Paul McNamara, Network World, February 10, 1997.

Intranets Uncovered, by Sacha Cohen, Training and Development, February, 1997, pp. 48-50.

Intranet Gear, by Sacha Cohen, Training and Development, February, 1997, pp. 57-59.

Homegrown intranet app for sale, by Justin Hibbard, Computerworld, January 27, 1997.

Wanted: Internet Skills--IS shops have an insatiable demand for networking, Java, and HTML expertise, by Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, Information Week, January 27, 1997.

When Net Specialists Call: Using outside vendors to design your intranet can both create and relieve headaches, by Deborah Asbrand, LAN Times, January 20, 1997.

The newest in Groupwares, by Mellanie Hills, IntraNet Magazine, January 20, 1997.

The Intranet Name Game Has Purpose, by Mellanie Hills, LAN Times, January 6, 1997.

Intranet Groupware Strategies, by Erin Callaway, PCWeek, January, 1997.

Book Bytes, by L. Detweiler, Boardwatch Magazine, January, 1997.

Groupware vs. the Web, by Barb Cole, Network World, December 30, 1996.

Surf's up at Bay Networks: The company's four-prong strategy harnesses users' passion for its BayNet intranet, by Erin Callaway, PC Week, December 16, 1996.

How To Build--and Sell--Your Intranet, by Erin Callaway, PCWeek, November 4, 1996.

Net Asset: Intranets Have Much To Offer Businesses, 20 Intranet Lessons Gleaned From Major Companies, and Intranets and Groupware: Making Choices in a Converging Market, by Anita J. Freed, DCI's IT Connection.

The Intranet Team: Finding the right people and getting them to work together is key to a successful strategy, by Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, Information Week, October 14, 1996.

Users Like Plug-Ins; IS Doesn't, LTI Daily News Briefs, LTI Technomedia, October 7, 1996.

Plug-in pain, by Kim S. Nash, Computerworld, September 23, 1996.

Strategies from an intranet evangelist, Computerworld, August 19, 1996.

Explorer beta gains ground on Navigator, by Kim S. Nash, Computerworld, July 22, 1996.

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