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Mellanie True Hills Speaking Topics

Mellanie offers electrifying programs that energize attendees and provide them with tools and techniques for creating permanent changes. We look forward to providing you with a program that attendees will never forget and that will make a permanent change in their lives.

As you get ready for your event, what messages do you want attendees to take away with them? That our hurried and hyperbusy lifestyles can put us at risk, but that they have the power to make changes that will protect them? That they need to put themselves first so that they will be there for others? That they have a second chance at life, and can make changes to ensure that they stick around to fulfill their dreams? Mellanie promises that attendees will leave energized and motivated to make life changes, and will leave armed with the ideas and tools that will work for them. 

Audiences resonate with her message. A recent attendee said, "I could have listened to you for hours," and the meeting planner said, "Your story is so motivating and your presentation really engaged the audience—they were rejuvenated and inspired."

Mellanie customizes these programs for you. Popular choices include:

Does one of these work for you? If not, Mellanie is glad to tailor her message for your event goals.

Participants in Mellanie's programs enjoy, and are moved by, what they see, hear, feel, and experience. They leave energized and inspired to reach new levels of productivity and health. They take away ideas, tools, and techniques that will change their lives and drive them to new levels of success and health. We guarantee that participants will leave energized and motivated to make life-saving changes.

Program Topics

Hear Your Heart: Put YOU First

Do you put everyone else—customers, employees, bosses, co-workers, and family—first and rarely find time for you? If this sounds like you, you'll relate to Mellanie's story of trying to do too much and how it almost cost her the ultimate price. You can't be there for them if you don't take care of you. Others are counting on you, so learn how to take care of the most important person in your life—YOU. This is a program that you won't soon forget.

Be Still My Heart: Living with Atrial Fibrillation

This program is customized to each individual audience depending on your goals and whether it is for the general public, for atrial fibrillation patients and their families, or for healthcare providers. Through poignantly sharing her atrial fibrillation journey, Mellanie helps audiences understand what it is really like to live with atrial fibrillation and what can be done about it. She shares what afib is, why it is a problem, how it is diagnosed and treated, and what patients and their loved ones need to know. For healthcare providers, she shares what the atrial fibrillation patient community wants them to know so they can better help their patients.

Heart Choices: A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life

Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. Do you know why women are so vulnerable and what we can do about it? Do you know how to take care of your heart? Through Mellanie's brush with death from heart disease, you'll learn what every woman needs to know—symptoms, risk factors, prevention, and how to save herself. Do it for yourself and for those who love you.

Surviving and Thriving in a Hyperbusy World

Are you overstressed and overwhelmed in this speed-obsessed, deadline-driven world? Do you know what living in hyperdrive can do to you? As Mellanie talks about her road-warrior lifestyle that led to a close call with the #1 killer of women, you'll take away ideas for taking back control of your own life so you'll become healthier and more productive. This electrifying program is guaranteed to be life-changing.

Take a Journey with Me (for Health Care Providers)

See life through the eyes of your patients with this program that is poignant and funny, and will forever change the way you interact with your patients.

Heart Healthy Eating on the Run

Do you often grab food on the run? Do you sometimes feel guilty about what you’re eating? Do you want to eat more healthfully, but just don't have the time? In this program you’ll get ideas for fitting heart-healthy eating into your busy, always-on-the-go lifestyle.

Take Control: Stay Healthy and Productive in a Speed-Obsessed World

Are you constantly multitasking? Are you on a productivity treadmill? We'll examine the problems caused by this speed-obsessed world. As Mellanie talks about her road-warrior lifestyle that led to a close call with the #1 killer, you'll recognize what you can do to take back control of your own life, work, and health, and be more productive at the same time. This electrifying, life-changing program is one that you won't soon forget, and is guaranteed to leave you thinking differently.  

Take Control: Create the Plan for Your Life and Health

When everyone in your life relies on you, and the inevitable juggling acts threaten to overwhelm you, how can you possibly find the time to take care of yourself? Through interactive exercises, actionable information, and stories, including Mellanie's own story of her brush with death, this program will inspire you to explore the impact of your personal and business life on your health. You will get solutions and tools and actually develop the framework for your own plan to ensure health, productivity, and success. This is a program that you won't soon forget.

Actually creating the plan is best done in a 90-120 minute workshop, but a shorter version can create the framework and send you home to flesh out the details.

Take Control: Can You Have It All...Success, Balance, and Health?

How do you transform yourself into the best person possible?  What are the decisions you have to make regarding jobs and careers, life balance, and health, and how do you prioritize and accomplish them? Is it possible to have it all, and do you really want that?

What Else Can Mellanie Provide You?

Based on her extensive business and consulting background, Mellanie can also provide you with custom programs for dealing with change and adversity, areas in which she has worked, written, and consulted extensively.

Mellanie also does partner programs, and as a trained and highly-experienced facilitator and moderator, she can facilitate and moderate your panels, awards ceremonies, and a variety of other events.

Add a celebrity touch with a Book Signing...

with Mellanie's award-winning book attendees take home a roadmap and tools to create their own plan.

Mellanie's very personal story touched the audience and challenged them to reevaluate and take control of their lives.

Mary Jo Currey
Marketing Director
Hillcrest Health System

Your story was incredibly powerful, and your information was life-changing. You motivated us to take action with our own lives.

Paula Wilson-Bradshaw Meeting Organizer
Edward Jones Investments 

Mellanie gave an interesting, passionate, and educational presentation at our Go Red for Women Luncheon. Her information was pertinent, timely, and personal. It encouraged women to "love their heart" by getting check ups, eating right, and taking care of themselves. We have heard many great responses. We would recommend Mellanie for speaking at other AHA fund raisers.

Heidi Collins
Corporate Events Director
Go Red for Women Luncheon
American Heart Association
Springfield, IL

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