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Equipment and Room Set-up

Mellanie wants to be easy to work with and to provide the best learning experience possible for your audience. In order to provide the most effective presentation, Mellanie enhances her program with computer-based multimedia. She is very flexible, so please let her know of any requests that present a problem.


  • Wireless lavaliere microphone (if over 25 people)
  • Handheld microphone as a backup to the wireless and for moderating large audience question and answer sessions
  • LCD computer projector (at least 1000 Lumens preferred). If this presents a problem, I can present without a projector – if so, let's discuss in advance how to create the most effective learning environment.
  • Table and electrical outlet in the front of the room for Mellanie's computer and the computer projector  
  • Screen large enough for the audience – please place the screen across a front corner of the room, not in the center of the room
  •  AV support on site before and during the presentation
  • Audio input feed (when videotaping)  
  • Two flip charts (for workshops of under 75 people).


  • House lights should be up fully, with spotlights on the stage, if possible
  • Lighting over the screen should be kept low to avoid washing out the screen. (Fluorescent lights do not work well with computer projection.)
  • Set the room wide rather than deep, if possible
  • Riser or platform if group is larger than 75 people
  • No podium
  • Room in front (approximately six feet) and a way for Mellanie to get into the audience. To create the most effective learning environment, Mellanie moves around and mixes with the audience. In setting the room, please provide room up front for Mellanie to move around and a way for her to get into the audience to interact with them.
  • A stool (for programs longer than 2 hours)
  • For audience comfort, please maintain the room temperature between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If possible, please provide access to the room one hour before the presentation for set up and for checking equipment and lighting.

We encourage audio and video taping of the presentation, but require prior written authorization. We can also provide on-site videotaping for you. Please contact us in advance to discuss this.

True Hills, Inc.
mhills at mellaniehills dot com
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