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Attract Health and Longevity and
Escape the #1 Killer of Women

Did you know that breast cancer isn't your worst enemy?
In fact, two Silent Stalkers, heart disease and stroke,
kill ten times more of us than breast cancer.
Forty per cent of us will die from these silent killers.

Knowing what to do can save your life!

Do you want to lose weight, eliminate stress, or take back control
of your life and health, but don't know where to start? 
Have you done this before, but it never seems to last?
Then you need A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life.

This workbook guides you through making permanent life-saving changes. 
It shares the secrets of how I easily lost 85 pounds,
and you can lose weight, too
Start today—to save your own life! 

Nominated for
Quills Award
Debut Author
of the Year

Dear Girl Friends,

It's shocking! It's the #1 killer of women.

Did you know that in the U.S. each year heart disease kills more of us women than men? It has for twenty years. Why aren't we hearing more about it? 

How could we possibly lose almost half a million women in the U.S. each year to cardiovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke) and not be hearing about it? 

That's almost 1,400 women every day! That's ten times as many as we lose to breast cancer, and five times as many as to all cancers combined. 

It's frightening! Forty percent of us—two of every five women—will get and die from cardiovascular disease. If you have a family history of heart disease, your risk is extremely high.

What can you do today to help your heart?

Why do you need a plan to beat the odds?

A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life: The HEART Program for Health and Longevity will answer the startling questions that plaque us.


  • Why is workplace stress taking women's lives faster than men's?
  • Why do we lose more women than men to heart attacks?
  • What is a heart attack? Why is it happening at younger ages than ever before?
  • Why are women's symptoms of a heart attack so easily overlooked?
  • What are the four main symptoms of a woman's heart attack?
  • How are women's heart attack symptoms different from men's?
  • What do men need to know about protecting the women in their lives?
  • What if I don't smoke, don't have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and don't have a family history—am I still at risk?
  • Why is a stroke like a heart attack? What are the common stroke symptoms for women?
  • What is the solution? What is an effective health regimen for women?
  • How can women create a plan that they can actually stick to?

How do I know this?

Mellanie True Hills

I'm a heart survivor. I almost died in emergency heart surgery. I thought I was too young for heart disease, but I've since learned that it is striking younger and younger women today. Even teenage girls aren't safe from it. You don't know that you have the Silent Killer until it's too late.

What's odd is that I didn't have the traditional risk factors of heart disease—no smoking, no diabetes, no high blood pressure (it had always been quite low), no high cholesterol, and no family history.

At first we thought it might be family history, but my doctors have since discounted that. So what caused me to almost have a heart attack, and to almost die? I was simply overweight and overstressed. Nothing more! My stress hijacked my healthy habits, causing the overweight. Does that sound familiar? 

My doctor told me that I had to lose the weight and get my stress under control or I'd be back in six months for open heart surgery. Did that get my attention? You bet it did.

Stress was my demon. I was a road warrior, traveling about 95% of the time. Between the constant travel and the ever-increasing productivity treadmill, my life was stressful. I knew that to lose the weight, I had to get my stress under control first.

Once I got the stress under control, losing 85 pounds was actually pretty easy. I know you'll probably find that hard to believe, but it was.

I share all my secrets of how I did it so easily in A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life.

As I started telling my women friends about the Silent Killer, and how they could save their own lives, too, many of my friends encouraged me to write this book. So I did.  

Mellanie True Hills has written an engaging, compelling book that will save lives. Her story could be any woman's story, so it is important that we all know what to do to protect ourselves.

As a journalist, I read many health stories and hear many personal tales of survival, but none have been so helpful and "from the heart" as Mellanie's.

Lorri Allen, News Director, FamilyNet 

I want to save your life by sharing what I've learned with you. It's too late for me—once you have heart disease, it's forever—but I hope it's not too late for you!  

Scared Me Into Recognizing That Today's Bad Habits Can Be Tomorrow's Life Threatening Health Issues...A Must Read
Mellanie's own story and the facts that she presents scared me into recognizing that today's bad habits can be tomorrow's life threatening health issues. Fortunately, she provides us with a robust but easily understood explanation of heart disease and its causes, as well as a logical plan for taking control of our heart health. Written in layperson's terms, the book provides more than just explanations--it provides a wealth of tools such as a risk factors worksheet, goal setting tools, and detailed information on how to eat healthy without sacrificing taste. In short,
A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life is a must read for any woman intent on avoiding the pitfalls of heart disease, or for anyone who wants to make a positive impact on their health.
Karen Hiser

What does this mean to you?

You're probably in the same situation I was. Are you speed-obsessed? Do you live an overstressed life in this 24-by-7, do-it-now world? Are you constantly in multitask mode, instant messaging in meetings and conference calling while driving? Are you on a productivity treadmill?

This always-on lifestyle put me at risk for a heart attack, and could do the same to you. You may think that you're too young for that, or not at risk. That’s what I thought, too. 

I've since found that stress kills. Did you know that more than half of all executives will die from stress-related illnesses? Most of those will be from heart disease or stroke. It almost happened to me—I don't want it to happen to you! 

Heart disease sneaks up on you when you least expect it. If Bill Clinton, with the finest medical care available, couldn't avoid heart disease, then what chance do you have of avoiding it? Well, actually, your chances are much better than you think —if you know what to do to avoid it. A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life teaches you what you need to know to save your own life. 

I sure wish that someone had told me the things that are in A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life before I almost paid the ultimate price. Even though I luckily survived, I now have heart disease forever.

Compelling Testimony For Women to Take Charge and Lead Heart-Healthy Lives

Mellanie exemplifies a true Transformational Leader, offering her story as a springboard to alert and inform others. She provides compelling testimony for women to take charge and lead heart-healthy lives. Mellanie gets to the "heart of it".

Diane McIntyre, Executive Director
American Heart Association Capital Area Division

A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life is the guidebook that will help you know what to do when you encounter the blinking red warning lights of your own health, and more importantly, how to avoid having insidious killers, such as heart disease, stroke, and cancer, sneak up on you.

Together we will explore how you can decrease your risk, and even prevent, these diseases

We'll talk about:

  • What puts you at risk
  • What you can easily change, and what you can't
  • What symptoms to look for
  • What to discuss with your health care provider and what tests you need

    The wise woman learns from the mistakes of others—you can profit from taking my mistakes to heart.

    I loved this Guidebook—incredibly informative, easy to read, and a must-have for every woman!

     Lori Parker, Morning News Anchor, K-EYE TV (CBS)

    A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life has been called "approachable and easy to read." That's not an accident. I know how hectic your life is, so I wrote it to be easy to read on a plane flight, sitting in the departure lounge, waiting in the doctor's office, or after the kids go to bed at night and you're exhausted because I know those are about the only places or times that you can sit down to read.

    An excellent read to learn about preventing or heading-off heart disease and its complications at an early stage.

    Boyd Lyles, Jr., MD
    Founding Director, The HeartHealth and Wellness Center
    Former Associate Medical Director, The Cooper Clinic

    You're a smart woman, so I'm not going to tell you how to live, or what to think—my intent was to provide you the facts, information, and tools to create an approach that best suits you. You're unique, and one size never fits all, so this guide is full of tools and processes to help you think about your journey and create your own plan to save your life. We'll explore my HEART Program, which I hope will be as valuable to you as it has been to me. It's what saved my own life.

    A great mix of personal stories and facts and a terrific sense of humor! 

    Gayle Golladay 

    I wrote this book for you to avoid what I've been through. Part I focuses on my story and the lessons learned from it, and Parts II and III focus on what you can do to prevent heart disease and other serious illnesses. Along the way, we'll learn from the experiences of other strong women.

    Before we start our journey together, I hope you'll to take a minute to read my story, the first two chapters of the book. In them you'll discover what happened to me and understand why I'm so focused on helping you avoid having that happen to you. After you read the first two chaptersjust close that window to return here.

    From the Foreword:

    This book chronicles a real life story of a remarkable woman struck by heart disease and the resultant rally of her human spirit that led to a restoration of her health.

    Mellanie has researched an impressive repository of information on heart disease and has crystallized the HEART program especially for women.

    Part II is What Every Woman Should Know About Heart Disease, but every man should read it, too.

    The best treatment for heart disease is prevention. Attaining optimum health is a long and challenging journey, and like any challenging journey the hardest part is the first step. This book and the HEART Program represent a great first step.

    I highly recommend this to all who want to reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke.

    Clyde W. Yancy, MD, Professor of Medicine
    Director of the Cardiovascular Institute, St. Paul University Hospital
    American Heart Association National Physician of the Year  


    What do you get?

    Here's the priceless information that you'll learn in A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life:

    • What Kills More Women Than Men?
    • Mellanie's Story : One Millimeter to Live: What Happened, Why, and What She Did About It
    • Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of Women (and Men, Too!)—Startling Statistics
    • Heart Disease and Stroke Facts For Women, African Americans, and Hispanics
    • Eight Major Heart Disease Risk Factors: Smoking, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Family History, Overweigh, Inactivity, and Stress
    • Stories From Heart Survivors
    • Optimal Cholesterol Readings: Total Cholesterol, HDL (Good) Cholesterol, LDL (Bad) Cholesterol, Triglycerides
    • Overweight and Obesity Among Americans
    • Are You Overweight—Women's Weight Classifications By Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Correlation of Weight With Risks of Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cardiovascular Disease
    • Correlation of Overweight With Other Diseases
    • Your Risk Assessment
    • What Is a Heart Attack?
    • Women's Heart Attack Symptoms—They're Different From Men's
    • Most Common Heart Attack Symptoms For Women
    • Top Twelve Symptoms Women Reported in the Month Before and During Heart Attacks
    • Common Stroke Symptoms Experienced By Women
    • Diagnosing Heart Disease: Screening Blood Tests and Diagnostic Tests
    • What To Do If You're At Risk
    • Why is Heart Disease More Difficult to Diagnose in Women?
    • Strategies For Preventing Heart Disease
    • Why You Need a Plan For Saving Your Life
    • The Process for Developing Your Plan
    • Creating Your HEART Program Action Plan
    • The Problems of Our Twenty-first Century Diets
    • Which Diet Is Best For You?
    • Diet Survey Results
    • Women's Diet Experiences
    • Healthy Eating Recommendations and Plan
    • Fats: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    • Why Fiber Is Such An Important Part of Your Diet
    • Low-Fat/Fat-Free Eating Secrets and Resources
    • Facts Correlating Diet and Disease
    • Food Facts
    • Vitamin and Mineral Facts
    • Useful Online Diet and Nutrition Resources
    • Why Exercise Is So Important
    • Types of Exercise
    • Creating Your Exercise Plan
    • Sources of Stress and Their Impact On You
    • How You Can Learn to Love Stress: Create a Plan For Dealing With Stress
    • The Importance of Rest, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation to Your Health
    • Creating Your Rest, Relaxation, and Rejuvenation Plan
    • How to Take Proactive Control of Your Health
    • Useful Online Health and Medical Resources
    • How to Partner With Your Health Care Provider
    • What to Expect From Regular Check-ups
    • Facts About Hormone Replacement Therapy and Mammograms
    • Creating a Plan For Taking Control of Your Health
    • Putting It All Together and Making a Commitment
    • Online Health Resources

    Finally, something besides "eat chocolate and laugh to feel better about life." Mellanie has not only shown us a way to save our own lives but actually how to reclaim them.

    Linda Byars Swindling, JD
    Author, The Consultant's Legal Guide
    National Director, National Speakers Association

    Your story was incredibly powerful, and your information was life changing. You have motivated us to take action with our own lives

    Paula Wilson-Bradshaw, Edward Jones Investments  

    Are you ready to save your own life?

    Please don't buy this book unless you're truly ready to commit to changing your life and to putting your mind, heart, and soul into it. That's what I did in writing this book for you. Together we can accomplish the results you seek and save your life. It's easier than you think!

    100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

    There's No Risk. If for some reason this program just doesn't work for you, or if you're not happy with it, I'll give you your money back. I'm so sure that it works, because it's worked for me. It's saved my life, and I believe that it can save your life, too.

    Mellanie turned her personal story into a road map to give women the knowledge to lead healthier lives.

    Sharon Frey, Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund, Austin Market, Board Chair

    When you start accomplishing your health goals with this program, please e-mail me at "mhills at mellaniehills dot com" to let me know about your successes with it. I'd like to share those successes with you. You can do it, and I want to help. Please let me be your partner on your health journey.

    Wishing you health, happiness, and longevity,

    Mellanie True Hills
    The Health & Productivity Revitalizer (SM)
    Author of A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life

    What do you have stopping you from putting this plan to work today? Just download the e-book, or order the printed version, using the links below. It makes a great gift, too. 

    Winner, 2005 Readers Preference Editor's Choice Award - see for yourself why

    Yes, I'm ready to get started saving my own life!

    I'd also like copies for gifts, or just to say "I care".

     A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life

    I want the E-book NOW
    By ordering online, within just minutes I can download and print this e-book packed with information—a full 196 pages of information and tools—and start putting this program to work to live longer and save my life. I understand that it's Risk Free, so I have nothing to lose. I want to give myself the gift of good health for ONLY $24.95!

    I want the Print Book ASAP
    I want the printed version shipped ASAP so I can start putting this program to work right away to live longer and save my life. It's ONLY $24.95!
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    Do you have a Promo Code?

    I get the E-Book now and the Print Book by mail
    For only $15 more, I get BOTH—the E-book today, so within minutes I can download and work with a full 196 pages of information and tools to live longer and save my life, and the Print Book shipped right away. I understand that it's Risk Free—I have nothing to lose. This special bundle is ONLY $39.95 for BOTH

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